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The administration of the web resource reserves the right to make changes or additions to this Agreement without prior notice. These terms and conditions are a public document, and each visitor should be familiarized with them. The Agreement defines the rights and obligations of both users and administration.

We recommend that users of Mines-casino-game.com carefully study these terms and conditions, as they form the legal framework of interaction with the resource. The Agreement establishes the relationship between us and the person who uses the information on our site.

Main provisions:

1.1 Our web resource provides neutral and accessible information for those interested in online casinos. We do not provide gambling services. All materials on the website have informational value. Users should not consider them as legal advice.

1.2 By visiting and using this site for information, the user automatically accepts our terms and conditions and agrees to abide by them.

1.3 By visiting our site, users also confirm their age of majority. To access the resource you must be over 18 years of age or be of legal gambling age in your respective country of residence.

1.4 Our specialists do their best to update the information on the site in a timely manner. However, the world of online gambling is constantly changing. For this reason, we cannot ensure that all material is absolutely up to date. We refuse to accept liability for any losses caused by the use of information from our website.

1.5 For users from certain countries, access to some information or areas of the site may be restricted. This is due to our commitment to comply with the laws of those regions.

1.6 If a visitor finds inaccuracies in the site or believes that the resource may violate the laws of their country, they may contact our administration for clarification. If any clause of the terms and conditions contradicts the laws of the user’s country, the remaining clauses will remain in force.

1.7 All logos, trademarks and texts of Mines-casino-game.com on the website are our intellectual property. Permission to copy and publish on other resources requires our consent. Logos and trademarks of casinos, payment systems and other platforms belong to their owners.

1.8 On our site, these trademarks and logos are used for informational and advisory purposes. Users may view and download material from the site for personal use only. Modification or commercial use of materials without our permission is prohibited.

1.9 Users may contact the site administration with any questions or suggestions. However, they must ensure that their communications do not violate laws, make threats or infringe on the rights of third parties.

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