Responsible gaming

How to gamble responsibly

In gambling, it’s not just the outcome that’s important, but also the fascinating process itself. Online gambling is primarily about entertainment and only then is it seen as an opportunity to win money.

One of our fundamental principles is a responsible attitude towards gambling, both on the part of the casino and the player. What does that mean? It means that it is important to follow the rules and understand that the amount of money spent on bets is the player’s responsibility. Some users get so carried away that they end up facing financial and psychological difficulties later on. And all this happens when the player has initially agreed to the rules of the online casino and the rules of a particular game.

Below you’ll read a series of recommendations that will help you handle the gambling process responsibly.

How to maintain control when gambling

Gambling can bring profit, and that’s all well and good, but considering it as a source of income is not worth it. This is entertainment, pastime and, of course, the will of luck.

  • Feel the measure. Plan in advance the amount you are ready to spend today. Don’t exceed this amount under any circumstances and, based on this, create a strategy.
  • Don’t try to win it back at all costs. Losing is unpleasant, which is why most people want to get their money back as quickly as possible. But the problem is that emotions dull the mind and you run the risk of losing even more. It’s better to leave things as they are and get back into the game the next day.
  • Set aside a fixed amount of time to play. Don’t play for more than two hours – that’s enough time to enjoy the process and apply different strategies.

How can you tell if there’s a problem with the game?

It’s important to play in such a way that you don’t fall into addiction. Recognizing this limit can be extremely difficult, so we’ve prepared a little test for you. To understand how addicted you are to gambling, answer the statements “yes” or “no”.

  • Gambling interferes with my work or studies.
  • I have heard condemnations from relatives or acquaintances because of gambling.
  • I hide from my family and friends how much money I spend in casinos.
  • I try to get the money back immediately after losing.
  • Gambling distracts me from everyday problems.
  • My mood depends on the results I get from gambling.
  • I’ve had to borrow money to keep gambling.

If you answered “yes” to most of these statements, there is probably a problem. In that case, it would be wise to seek professional help.

Gambling can be addictive –

Websites to help people with gambling addiction:

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